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One great gift idea for any Star Trek fan!

One great gift idea for any Star Trek fan!

A great idea if you don’t know what to give your fellow Star Trek fan would be to get him/her a collector’s box of playing cards!

This box looks really cool with the text “Beam me up” written all over it. This tin box is also marked up with good old Kirk and the cards are all marked up with images from the original series. This deck is available through

There are actually a couple of others Star Trek decks as well. One really nice one is with The Next Generation. The difference here from the “Beam me up” box is that most of the cards here are double faced, meaning that for example Captain Picard is both right turned and upside down on the same card. This one can be harder to find online, but check ebay and amazon.

A nice idea for an event would be to do an all Star Trek themed ournament night! Like on the picture, you can have all the outfits on and maybe get some more Trek-inspired design items to get the right ambiance.

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