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Trekland Ira Seven Behr Interview Finale Released

Trekland Ira Seven Behr Interview Finale Released

Our good friend and Trek author / historian extraordinaire, Larry Nemecek, just released the final video in his interview series with Ira Steven Behr. As you all know, Ira was the showrunner & executive producer for much of Deep Space Nine's 7 season run. Larry recorded the interview last year and slowly released it in a 4 part series on Youtube. Throughout the interview Larry & Ira discuss his time working on Syfy's Alphas, The 4400, and of course his time in TNG & Deep Space Nine.

Larry posted the finale on Youtube via his Trekland blog: Frankly, I'm shocked—shocked!—not to have been deluged with your demands for the promised but unfulfilled finale Part Four. Well, you can call off your non-existent email campaign, and just shut down the fax, okay?  Thankfully, in the final minutes we mainly wax poetic and/or nostalgic about DS9, so no harm, no fowl—it's just as pithy as it was a few months back and no worse for the delay.

You can check all four parts of the interview series below and be sure to stop by Larry's Trekland blog and Youtube channel for tons of the interviews from Trekland.

(Source Larry Nemecek's Trekland Blog)

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