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Data Feed: The SciFi Diner Podcast Featuring Bye Bye, Robot & Subspace Communique

The SciFi Diner Podcast Featuring Bye Bye, Robot & Subspace CommuniqueWe had the great pleasure of being guests on one of our favorite podcasts; The SciFi Diner. Scott & Miles invited us on to talk about our other Trek venture, plus our recent trip to Dallas for the SciFi Expo. Check out the full description below and be sure to download the episode. Scott & Miles always put on a fantastic show.

Episode description:
Tonight on the SciFi Diner, we are serving an interview with Chris and Charity Wood of Bye Bye Robot, Subspace Communique, and Life After Trek. We also give you a final chance to with an autographed Tricia Helfer photo. In news, we cover: TV ratings for SciFi genre shows, an In Time & The People vs George Lucas review, the new Avengers trailer & poster, and find out how you can live forever. Miles brings us the TWIST: Leonard Nimoy To Finally Do Big Bang Theory Cameo. We end with Chris and Charity Wood giving us their SciFi in Five.

Download the episode here.

Visit the SciFi Diner website here.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art