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Bye Bye Robot; A New Site For Original Star Trek Fine Art

Bye Bye Robot; A New Site For Original Star Trek Fine Art

I know that technically I’m the artist, but the head honcho is busy right now recording a podcast, and somebody’s got to tell you guys that we have a new, fully licensed, Star Trek Fine Art site called Bye Bye Robot. We’re extremely excited to announce its official launch, today Feburary 29th, 2012. Leap Year…what better time is there for a time traveling robot to announce his appearance on the scene, than a day that only comes around once every four years?

Bye Bye Robot; A New Site For Original Star Trek Fine ArtRobots? Time travel? You want to see the art, you say? Well…we can help you there. There are 4 new paintings in this premier set focused on iconic subjects from Star Trek: The Original Series, and fully licensed from CBS Consumer Products. It’s a modern style I’ve been working in for many years. You can think of it as painting in reverse. I begin on a black canvas so the black “lines” you see are actually unpainted areas…not “outlines”. Another way of thinking of it is that I paint everywhere except the “lines”. The style was born out of my (school & professional) background in animation and entertainment arts. Not to mention heavily influenced by the many Saturday mornings, of my youth, spent watching moving celluloid paintings dance across a TV screen. When all of these things collided with my love of Star Trek, voila! New paintings were born.

Bye Bye Robot currently features limited edition Giclee prints of these paintings on canvas and paper. All hand signed and numbered by the artist. In this case, that’s me, but we are presently adding additional artists and original artwork to the site. While the current paintings depict Star Trek: The Original Series, our future paintings will soon include subject matter from the other four live action series (as well as the Original Series & Next Generation movies). We’ll let you know when new art is added, so keep your eyes peeled.

Check out the new Star Trek artwork, here on Bye Bye Robot…and don’t forget to see who The Robot really is and to discover the goal that he and the universe share.

You can see our official press release here.

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art