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Happy Birthday To Star Trek TNG's LeVar Burton

Happy Birthday To Star Trek TNG's LeVar Burton

Hey Trek & Reading Rainbow fans, it's the time of year to celebrate the one thing both of those show have in common. It's LeVar Burton's Birthday. Yay! (cue the confetti). If you haven't noticed, we like to celebrate the birthdays of Trek stars and LeVar is no exception. Heck, we knew him from Reading Rainbow way before he donned the visor and took the helm. We'd like to celebrate this special day with something just as special. That's right kids it's another installment of our Youtube video Round-up: The LeVar Burton Edition.

Our first clip takes us to the magical land of Reading Rainbow. Scientists don't know where all of the bees have gone? Well LeVar does...

What Geordi sees...

Geordi checks out his new quarters.

LeVar is awesome at this... and people win buckets of money.

And, finally... Another favorite show of ours is Tavis Smiley's talk show on PBS. Check out this fantastic interview with LeVar.

We hope you've enjoyed our LeVar Burton Youtube video roundup and we'd like to wish a very happy birthday to LeVar... If you're out there reading this we sure would like to get you on an episode of Life After Trek!

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