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Star Trek Improv, Live And In Austin Texas

Star Trek Improv, Live And In Austin Texas

We’re excited to announce that some Star Trek goodness is finally happening right in our own backyard, Downtown Austin, Texas. Typically we have to pine over the cool events going on elsewhere, but this time we actually get to attend. A local Austin, TX improv group is running a new show every Saturday at 8pm during this January and February. It’s a Sci-Fi Comedy Double Feature; Twilight Zoned & Start Trekkin’. Improvised parodies of two classic television shows – back to back in the same night!

The shows take place in the Hideout Theatre  at 617 Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78701. Tickets are available online.

Your first stop…
“Twilight Zoned”: enter another dimension of bizarre occurrences, twist endings and ominous voice overs.
Followed by…
“Start Trekkin”: beam into the final frontier with the Hideout’s acclaimed riff on Captain Kirk and company.

You’ll be thrilled by:
- adventure! & suspense!
- silly wigs & costumes!
- live music & effects!

For everyone in the Austin area, here’s your chance to support live theatre and enjoy some local Star Trek entertainment.

(Source; The Hideout Theatre)

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