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Wil Wheaton & Nathan Fillion On The Nerdist: Year In Review Tonight

This might a be a little late, but for those in the pacific time zone, you can still catch Wil Wheaton on the Nerdist: Year In Review. BBC America is airing the episode at 9pm ET / PT and not only will it feature young Wesley Crusher, but you get a double dose of scifi awesome with Firefly's (and Castle's) Nathan Fillion.

Apparently this is just the begriming for The Nerdist on TV. This episode is the first of BBC America's five all new Nerdist Specials based on comedian, writer, Doctor Who fan and web pundit Chris Hardwick's immensely popular Nerdist podcast, the Internet's Top Ranked Podcast.

As an added Trek bonus, the episode features an interview Simon Pegg. Not to mention another interview David Tennant. So, if you're on the west coast and need a Christmas miracle, be sure to check out The Nerdist: Year In Review tonight at 9pm.

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