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William Shatner Loves Fried Turkey... And Fire Safety

William Shatner Loves Fried Turkey... And Fire Safety

In a bid to save your arm hair William Shatner & State Farm Insurance have joined forces to spread the word about the dangers of deep frying a turkey this holiday season. Ya' know, everyone including The Shat loves the moist deliciousness that comes from taking a 20lb frozen turkey and dumping it in boiling oil, but there's a hidden danger that comes with the golden brown poultry goodness. “I love to fry turkey and have been doing it for years but I am not immune to frying accidents,” says Shatner. “In fact, my family now gathers together to watch my mishaps. Several years ago I was even burned on my arms after accidently dropping the turkey in the hot oil. People need to remember that hot oil and turkey can be a dangerous combination.”

According to State Farm; Fans are encouraged to join Shatner’s “Fryers Club” by liking or commenting on the video and using the twitter hashtag #ShatnerFryersClub. In doing so, viewers are committing to take Shatner’s advice to stay safe if they fry a turkey. “Ignorance is the friend of accidents,” says Shatner. “Be enemies with ignorance.”

So, check out the video below and be safe this Thanksgiving. All we can add to this is.... dingle-dangle...

Hattip to Heather for sending us the link

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