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Data Feed: Star Trek's George Takei To Join Celebrity Apprentice 5

I have to admit that I don't watch reality TV... not enough Vulcan's or phaser blasts for my tastes, but that could soon change (although probably not). George Takei is joining Donald Trump for Celebrity Apprentice 5. If anyone can take on Trump, it's George... OH MYYYY! Also joining the cast this season; Adam Carolla, Austin Comic-con favorite and Liberator star Lou Ferrigno, Dee Snider, & Penn Jillette to name a few. So let's face it. Trek fans will watch simply because George is awesome. Heck, we would too if we could get past the pseudo-drama, horribly fake confrontations, & terrible editing to make any situation contentious. Although, The Shat on Cupcake Boss might change our minds on Reality TV as a whole. Yes folks, there's a show called Cupcake Boss. Check out the full list of stars that will be joining George on Celebrity Apprentice:

Clay Aiken, 32: American Idol Singer, Actor, Activist
Marco Andretti, 24: Race Car Driver, Son of Another Famous Race Car Driver
Adam Carolla, 47: Comedian, Ever-Popular Podcast Host
Tia Carrere, 44: Actress, Model, Wayne Campbell's Dream Girl
Lou Ferrigno, 59: Actor, Bodybuilder, Hulk
Debbie Gibson, 41: Singer, Actress, Everlasting Teen Dream
Teresa Giudice, 39: Real Housewife of New Jersey, Aspiring Chef, Accomplished Sh*t-Stirrer
Victoria Gotti, 48: Author, Reality TV Star, Daughter of Famous Mobster
Arsenio Hall, 55: Actor, Comedian, Iconic Barker
Penn Jillette, 56: Magician, TV Star, Author, Las Vegas Institution
Lisa Lampanelli, 50: Comedienne, Celebrity Roast Mainstay
Dayana Mendoza, 25: Miss Universe 2008 from Venezuela
Aubrey O'Day, 27: Famously Not-shy Former Danity Kane Singer
Dee Snider, 56: Twisted Sister Singer (who also appeared last season to help John Rich sell vintage 7Up!)
George Takei, 74: Star Trek Actor (among many other roles), Gay Rights Activist, Badass
Paul Teutul, Sr., 62: Motorcycle Designer, American Chopper Star, Mustache Maven
Cheryl Tiegs, 64: Model, Actress
Patricia Velasquez, 40: Model, Actress, Marta on Arrested Development ("Oh, Hermano!")

You can catch the premiere of Celebrity Appearance in early 2012 on NBC.

(source BuddyTV)

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