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Deep Space Nine Now Available For Streaming On Netflix

Deep Space Nine Now Available On Netflix

Just as a quick reminder for all of you DS9 fans out there, Sisko and the crew are now available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix. If you haven't watched DS9, what are you waiting for? In fact, if you've never seen the series, here's the perfect chance to start one of the best and most diverse of the Trek series. We absolutely love Deep Space Nine for it's rich cast of characters and constant flux of political and religious undertones. It is a bit darker than the rest of Trekdom, but man, what a ride!

With the release of DS9, you can now watch every episode of Star Trek created. We wouldn't suggest trying that in a single sitting considering there is nearly 600 hours in total. Unless you have nothing to do and don't feel like sleeping for the next 25 days. All though, we can think of worse ways to spend your time.

Here's a bit of corporate speak from CBS & Netflix on the topic.

"This deal recognizes the increasing value of our content in today's marketplace," said Scott Koondel, President of Distribution, CBS Television Distribution. "More and more, people want to be able to access our programming on a wide variety of platforms. We are very pleased that the titles offered through this deal will now also be made available to a whole new community through the terrific and convenient service that Netflix offers. We will continue to pursue additional non-exclusive distribution partners that are additive to our overall business."

"We are thrilled to be bringing CBS shows to Netflix and are looking forward to growing our relationship over time," said Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer for Netflix. "Netflix is now the only online premium subscription service with shows featured on all four broadcast networks and dozens of cable TV's biggest brands." (source Netflix)

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