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Trek Nation Release Date Set For November 30th On Science

Hey gang, we just reported on an interview with Rod Roddenberry for his upcoming documentary Trek Nation. Like we've said before, we're eagerly anticipating this film and look forward to seeing it grace the screen. Looks like a release date has finally been set for November 30th, 2011 on Science. If that's not enough to peak your interest, Science and Roddenberry Productions just released a brand new clip that features Rod talking with Bob Justman and several other Trek alumni. We're super stoked to see the release, too bad we have to wait until November.

About Trek Nation (Source)
"Trek Nation" is not just another Star Trek documentary. It goes beyond the contrived concept of crazy conventions and over passionate fans. "Trek Nation" is something different. Our reverence for the subject matter and the direct involvement of Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. delivered with true theatrical-quality production values makes "Trek Nation" primed to stand out from the Star Trek documentaries that preceded it.

Star Trek has become a worldwide phenomenon. It's been almost 40 years since Star Trek first aired. Since then it has literally formed its own universe - four spinoff series, 10 feature films, thousands of conventions and millions of books. But beyond its commercial success lie the ideals and philosophies of a visionary who has influenced everything from entertainment to politics, from space travel to social morality.

Through Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry has o ffered timeless understanding of the human condition and encouraged the endless struggle for a better world. People around the globe have internalized Gene Roddenberry's message of hope for the future. "Trek Nation" will attempt to capture how this manifestation of a single force can affect so many walks of life.

"Trek Nation" also has the unique distinction of discovering Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek through the eyes of its creator's only son. Having inherited his father's nickname as well as his legacy, Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. was born into a world when Star Trek was already a huge force. Starfleets and warp drives were a part of the American vernacular. Eugene's mother, Majel Roddenberry, had a starring role in the original series, making Star Trek a part of everyday life for both parents. But throughout his childhood, Eugene had little exposure to the Star Trek world. Gene died when his son was only 17 - before Eugene could truly understand his father and the enormous impact he has had on the world. "Trek Nation" documents Eugene's thoughts, his emotions and his experiences as he searches for his father through one of the only touchstones left to him - Star Trek.

"Trek Nation" pays homage to the fact that Gene Roddenberry's greatest accomplishment lies not in his creation, but in his creation's unique ability to pierce cultural, social and economic boundaries.

Star Trek fans are often stereotyped as "geeks" and social outcasts. This is far from accurate. Gene Roddenberry's vision has inspired millions of people from various geographical areas and, often, unexpected backgrounds. Star Trek fans include Al Gore, Eddie Murphy, George Lucas, Dennis Rodman and even the King of Jordan. Star Trek fans range from blue-collar workers to entertainment icons, from college professors to NBA All-Stars. Many of today's greatest leaders have been inspired by the ideals behind the Star Trek universe. "Trek Nation" will include interviews with fans of all kinds: professional athletes, models, celebrities, politicians, historians, bikers, religious leaders, lawyers and those on the fringes of society.

In addition, Eugene will take us through both amusing and powerful accounts of how Star Trek has affected and even saved lives. We'll hear stories of how videotapes of the show were smuggled through the Berlin Wall. We'll learn of a woman, blind since birth, who has seen every episode of Star Trek and how Martin Luther King, Jr. talked Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) into staying on the show. We'll come to understand how close the ties are between science and science fiction, NASA and Star Trek. And we'll see how Star Trek created cultural breakthrough after breakthrough - for women, minorities, the handicapped and many more.

Finally, "Trek Nation" will explore the universal search that every child goes through upon becoming an adult - knowing his/her parents. The film will examine some of the relationships that our interviewees had with their fathers and how those stories affect Eugene's search to understand his own.

"Trek Nation" follows Eugene to locations all over the world investigating the impact his father has had on people and cultures. From the Dalai Lama's monastery in northern India to George Lucas' 1,000 acre Skywalker Ranch in Northern California, Eugene travels to the most unlikely places finding fans and their stories. The great variety of locations is not only visually impactful, it suggests the fact that Star Trek's reach is almost as expansive as the fictional universe Gene Roddenberry set out to explore.

Involvement of the Roddenberry family provides "Trek Nation" with access to never-before-seen pictures and video clips. Personal photographs and video footage from the Roddenberry estate will provide a candid "behind the scenes" view into the life of Gene Roddenberry, his family and his work. In addition, memorable episodes and favorite scenes from Star Trek will be used illustrate stories and ground the film in the appropriate context.

"Trek Nation" has already gained high levels of interest from seasoned professionals with feature film, documentary and television experience. The film is being shot on both hi-definition and motion-picture film, making it suitable for amazing theatrical presentation as well as television. While the execution of the concept is meant to reflect a sense of realism and true-to-life experience, the production value will be nothing less than the best the category has to offer.

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