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The SciFi Diner Interviews The Director & Co-Writers From The Michael Dorn Project "Liberator"

In July, we featured an article about an upcoming project that desperately needed your help. Called Liberator, and starring Lou Ferrigno, Peta Wilson, Michael Dorn, Don 'The Dragon" Wilson, & Ed Asner, it revolves around a disgraced, washed-up, ex superhero (played by Lou Ferrigno) whose secret black ops past catches up with him -- just as he's trying to put his life back together. The good news is that Liberator got it's funding and will see completion. The even better news is that our buddies Scott & Miles from The SciFi Diner podcast just released their interview with Liberator director / co-writer Aaron Pope & co-writer / producer Jim Cirile.

Unlike other superhero flicks out there, Liberator is based very much in the politics of now. This is a real person in the real world. He's a superhero, yes, but he's also a man and a father dealing with the things that affect us all as humans. It's this personal emotional element that really sets the character, and this project, apart from others in the genre.

If you've been to this site before, you know that we love The SciFi Diner podcast. Scott & Miles put on a fantastic and well balanced show and this episode does not disappoint. Be sure download the full episode and visit The SciFi Diner podcast website below.

Download the episode here.

Visit The SciFi Diner podcast website here.

Visit the official Liberator website here.

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