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Star Trek TNG's Michael Dorn Set To Fortify "Castle"

Does everyone remember how Worf schooled Duras in the TNG episode "Reunion"? And, by schooled we mean he took that cowardly Klingon to the woodshed with a bat'leth... Duras went out like a suckah! Let's hope that Michael Dorn doesn't do the same to his future co-star Nathan Fillion on the hit detective drama Castle.

That's right ladies and gents, our favorite Russian raised Klingon security officer is set to play a psychiatrist in at least two episodes. According to DigitalSpy, Michael Dorn's new character will help Detective Kate Beckett (Played by Stana Katic) deal with being shot in the third season finale, but her sessions may also examine her relationship with Castle.

Castle executive producer Laurie Zaks said: "It's going to dredge up a whole bunch of stuff. Her conversations will enlighten how the relationship will move forward to whatever that next level is."

It seems Michael is making some waves as of late with his new indie project Liberator as well as this new role on the wildly popular detective series.

What's not to love though, we're huge Firefly fans and we adore Michael Dorn, Nathan Fillion, Castle, and of course Star Trek. It's like a gigantic geek tornado set to level the mobile home park in our minds... Okay, yeah, that was an obscure reference, but you get the picture.

You can get the full details over at DigitalSpy

(source DigitalSpy)

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