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Upcoming Free-To-Play Browser Based "Star Trek: Infinite Space" Trailer & Screenshots

With a release date set for "Summer 2011" and a fast approaching beta, Star Trek: Infinite Space is preparing to launch Trek fans into the Deep Space Nine era universe with a bang. We've been covering "Infinite" since it was announced last year, but for those who don't know; it will be free-to-play browser based game set in the Deep Space Nine timeline and has Trek alumni Mike & Denise Okuda on board to keep an eye on canon and consistency. Much like many browser games, "Infinite" will be free-to-play and casual, meaning you can pick up and play for short periods of time.

Recently, Gameforge (publisher of Star Trek: infinite Space) has released a series of in-game screenshots and a brand new trailer loosely describing the game scenario. So far, we're intrigued. I mean how often do you get a chance to play games during the Dominion War? As an added bonus, Gameforge also released a special message from Mike & Denise Okuda that was recorded for Fedcon XX. Be sure to check out the screenshots, trailer, & the Okuda's video below. Oh, and we even found a video of the game-play on YouTube!

Star Trek: infinite Space

Star Trek: infinite Space

Star Trek: infinite Space

Star Trek: Infinite Space Trailer

Mike & Denise Okuda Fedcon XX Message

Star Trek: Infinite Space Game-play Footage

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art