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Happy Birthday To Star Trek TNG's Patrick Stewart

Happy Birthday To Star Trek TNG's Patrick Stewart

On this day in 1940, during the second World War in Mirfield, Yorkshire, England, a future award winning actor, starship captain, and Knight of the Realm was born. Happy birthday to Sir Patrick Stewart, he turns 71 today. He's a very busy man, from attending several conventions, to starring in video games and Shakespearean plays, Sir Patrick seems to be consistantly in the news. Heck, he's even receiving an honorary degree.

Aside form his various accolades and accomplishments, Patrick has his own idea of how he'd like to be remembered. When asked in an interview earlier this year, he responded: "For being funny, but I don't think that will happen." Of course to Trek fans, he'll always be the captain of the Enterprise-D, Jean Luc Picard.

Patrick admitted recently that Star Trek "changed everything" in his life. He Explains; "Right up until 1987, when I went to Hollywood to start filming Star Trek: The Next Generation, if you didn't go to the Royal Shakespearean Company you'd never heard Patrick Stewart" When asked if there had been a highlight in his career, Patrick added; "It would have to be Star Trek: The Next Generation... After that series was such a huge success, which it was immediately, everything was changed for me." It's fantastic to hear a former cast member embrace their role in a Trek series with such gravity.

From all of us at Subspace Communique and Trek fans worldwide, we would like to wish a wonderful and happy birthday to Patrick Stewart.

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