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Star Trek Prop Auction; Spock’s Ears & Wrath Of Khan Screenplay Up For Sale

Star Trek Prop Auction; Spock’s Ears & Wrath Of Khan Screenplay Up For Sale

This is in the “way too cool” category! We just heard about a Hollywood Prop auction July 30th and 31st that is going to include, among tons of other stuff, Mr. Spock’s Ears from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and an original production dialogue script/screenplay of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  It’s the Hollywood Auction Extravaganza II, put on by Premiere Props of Los Angeles. All of the Star Trek items look like they are being sold on the 30th and just like the last auction we told you about, you can bid online or by phone if you aren’t in the Los Angeles area.

Join Premiere Props' Live Auction Extravaganza 2 featuring over 1200 iconic movie and music memorabilia for an incredible 2 day live auction event.  From Michael Jackson's personally owned and worn Swarovski Crystal Glove, stage worn crystal riding helmet, fedoras and jackets, to Ringo Stars' personal 1966 Cherry Apple Red classic Mustang with original pink slip to major props and costumes from Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Gremlins, Pirates of The Caribbean, Batman, The Ten Commandments, iconic dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the feature film Sex & The City, Justin Bieber’s autographed jeans and so much more!

Plus brand new props and costumes from Smallville, Spiderman, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Lost and Heroes. From the Golden Era of Hollywood to new film releases, we invite you to be part of Premiere Props and Hollywood Live Auctions' Hollywood Auction Extravaganza II.

You can view all of the items and memorabilia up for auction here. The Star Trek items are numbers 274 – 293 and they include Spock’s Ears, Crew Jackets, Concept Art, Screenplays (including The Wrath of Khan), Next Gen Call Sheets, a Klingon Blaster & Knife, Klingon Forehead, Autographed Photos, and more.

(Source; Premiere Props)

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