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Star Trek’s LeVar Burton Is Organizing A Reading Rainbow Flashmob

Star Trek’s LeVar Burton Is Organizing A Reading Rainbow Flashmob

This news is music to fans’ ears all over the country…possibly, the world. How many of us have wonderful memories of watching Reading Rainbow as children, when we didn’t have a care in the world? For those of us who watched it, it was a great time in our lives when all sorts of things were possible and dreams were endless. LeVar brought our imaginations to life and encouraged us to read, all at the same time. This PBS gem will forever be part of many grown-up kids’ fondest memories.

You can see the idea and organization of the Reading Rainbow Flashmob spring fourth from LeVar’s very own twitter feed. Here are some of his tweets:

27 Jun “Someone posted via @Zaarly a request to sing the Reading Rainbow theme with me, and are apparently willing to pay good money!”

27 Jun “Could we really pull off a Reading Rainbow flash mob... with everyone singing? #readingrainbowflashmob

27 Jun “@PaulaAbdul I know your busy but if you are interested in choreographing a #ReadingRainbowFlashmob please DM me. Love, LeVar”

28 Jun “Having amazing conversations with some powerful partners who want to join us in the #ReadingRainbowFlashmob IT'S ON!”

You can go here to register for the Reading Rainbow Flashmob and to get ways to share this event with your friends.

If this flashmob (or flashmobs) comes to fruition, it will give us a chance to say thanks to LeVar and Reading Rainbow for the inspiration they fostered in our young hearts.

(Source LeVar Burton Twitter feed)

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