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Data Feed: Buy Your Very Own Original Star Trek Pinball Machine, Vintage 1978

There's almost 2 days left to bid on a Vintage 1978 Original Star Trek Pinball Machine from an Austin TX auction house, and as of the release of this article the high bid is only $250. We heard about this one recently and you better believe that if we had a place to put it in our house we wouldn't be telling you about this, but since we are packed to the nacelles here we're letting you in on the opportunity. This particular auction house accepts online bids (as well as in person bidding). That way you don't have to live anywhere near Austin to win this item. They are even willing to help with the shipping coordination, you just have to spring for the cost. From their description and pictures, it looks like the pinball machine is in pretty good condition and even has it's original manuals...however with an "as is" tag we can't tell if it's actually in operating order.

Even if you aren't in the market for a pinball machine of your very own it's still pretty cool to look at. They have quite a few pictures online and quite a bit of detailed information.

If you end up buying this pinball machine let us know. We'd love to post pictures of you at play.

Good luck...and let the bidding begin!

Austin Auction Gallery
8414 Anderson Mill Road, Austin TX, 78729
(512) 258-5479

Find their shipping info here and more pics below.

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