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Star Trek Voyager Inspired Scratch Built Computer Case Mod

Star Trek Voyager Inspired Scratch Built Computer Case

Any Trek fan (Voyager fan, or not) can appreciate an Intrepid class shaped computer case. This scratch built computer mod is the brainchild of Cooler Master forum member ASPHIAX and serves as his entry in the Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod contest. Made from XPS foam, fiberglass, epoxy, epoxy clay and Depron foam, the entire project took over 5 months to complete and is chock-full of LEDs.  

Dubbed the USS Eurisko and as an Intrepid MKII class, the computer boasts a full water-cooled heat dispersal system that feeds directly into the nacelles. You can help ASPHIAX win by voting here, but he's already won the official Subspace Communique "Holy Crap, That's Trek-tacular!" award. The prize entails a ton of Trek-cred that's redeemable for quadrotriticale on Deep Space Station K-7. Just be sure to tell Station Manager Lurry, we say "hi".  You can read the full build thread here.

Check out some pics and videos below.

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