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Data Feed: TrekFleets Episode 6 Available For Download

A brand new episode of our favorite STO podcast just launched on the interwebs.  A.J. Was kind enough to have me back on the show and this time we go through season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation to find which episodes would make great content for Star Trek Online.  We're not looking at you "Angel One"...

Episode 6 descirption: Besides the usual podcast where we discuss STO releases and the state of the game in general I wanted to open it up a little and talk about Star Trek canon. (While still keeping it relevant to the game.) This is the first part in a series in which we will go over, season by season of Star Trek and discuss what would work as an episode, series or just plain not at all on STO. I hope you enjoy it! STO or NO: #1. Chris from Subspace Communique and I discuss Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1.

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