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Star Trek TNG's Brent Spiner Launches New Comedy Web Series

Star Trek TNG"s Brent Spiner Launches New Comedy Web Series

In something that is complete news to us, Brent Spiner has just launched episode 1 & 2 of his brand new web series "Fresh Hell".  We saw the announcement from the big man himself via his popular twitter feed.  In the maiden episode, we learn that Spiner (who plays himself) is reeling from something only known as the "The Incident" that has sent him from super stardom to rock bottom.  Sitting in his lonely apartmenet, Brent watches a TV talk show that implies that OJ Simpson has a better chance of a career recovery than him.  It's pretty funny stuff.

With little or no info about the new series, we did learn that it was created by Christopher Ellis, Harry Hannigan, & Brent Spiner.  Ellis is directing & Hannigan is also pulling double-duty as writer, a position that should be familiar since his experience on the sitcom "According to Jim".  Both episodes are available on Youtube or you can simply watch the embedded video below.

Episode 1

Episode 2

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