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Data Feed: It's So Easy, Even Kirk Can Do It

Data Feed: It's So Easy, Even Kirk Can Do ItOhhh myyy, our favorite helmsman (yes we know he was captain of the Excelsior) George Takei has lent his name and appearance to new commercials for the Social Security Administration.  We know George's age, but man, he looks too young to qualify for Social Security.  George stars opposite Patty Duke in the Star Trek spoofs where both don pseudo TOS uniforms and perform in front of a green screen.  

"You’ve navigated through asteroid belts, right?” Patty asks. “Well, compared to that, navigating is a snap. It’s so easy even Kirk could do it.”  Neither Patty nor George were paid for the endorsement. George explains, “I have some notoriety from Star Trek and this is a way to get people to note the fact that we can now go online to apply for Social Security,” 

Check out a sampling of the commercials below.  You can find the rest on the official Social Security channel on Youtube.

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