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Star Trek DS9's Penny Johnson Stars In "The Trinity River Plays" At The Goodman Theatre, Chicago

We all know Penny Johnson as Kasidy Yates, Captain of the cargo vessel SS Xhosa and Captain Sisko’s love interest on DS9. Her portrayal of Kasidy as the fearless Captain brought to life this character’s strength and dogged determination to do what she believed was right. Now, Penny is in a new play written by Regina Taylor and directed by Ethan McSweeny. The play called “The Trinity River Plays” is actually three plays in one.

Jar Fly, Rain and Ghoststory create this intimate and compelling performance of three timeless works—a moving exploration of family loyalty and betrayal.

In Jar Fly, a teenaged Iris Spears teeters on the brink of maturity when an event shatters her innocence—and changes her life forever. In Rain, a 34-year-old Iris flees a collapsing marriage to return home to Texas and the comfort of her mother's embrace, only to find that the once-solid ground has shifted beneath her feet. And in Ghoststory, a surprise visit from her estranged husband forces Iris to confront the past and the ghosts that have continued to haunt her. The trilogy is inspired by the rhythm of the cicada—a part of Iris' young life in the south—the insect that emerges every 17 years to take wing.

The running time for The Trinity River Plays is approximately three hours and 10 minutes, including two 15-minute intermissions.

Penny Johnson (billed as Penny Johnson Jerald) plays the part of Rose, Iris’s (Karen Aldridge) protective mother. Their lives and relationship were inspired by the relationship between writer Regina Taylor and her own mother. See what Regina Taylor has to say about the play here

Penny and “The Trinity River Plays” were in Dallas TX last year. We are sad to think we only found out about this play after it was gone from Dallas…a mere 3 hours from our base of operations. We would’ve definitely made the drive had we know. Now we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Prophets bring Penny and “The Trinity River Plays” to us in the Austin area. Keep checking back here and on our Facebook page; we will be sure to let you know when new dates and locales are announced.

“The Trinity River Plays” will run at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago from January 15 through February 20, 2011. See dates and times here.

(Source The Goodman Theatre)

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