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Data Feed: Happy Birthday To Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Aron Eisenberg

We’d like to wish Aron Eisenberg a very Happy Birthday today, as he turns 42. All of you reading this remember him as Nog, everyone’s favorite teenage Ferengi on Deep Space Nine. Without Aron, one of our favorite DS9 episodes, It’s Only a Paper Moon, wouldn’t exist. Anytime we’re feeling down (and even sometimes when we’re not) we watch that episode and it cheers us right up. So we here at Subspace Communique are especially grateful that Aron shared his talent with all of us while on DS9.

Currently he’s the owner of Reel Life Pictures a photography and videography company in Southern California that specializes in weddings and events productions. If you’re able, take a moment and visit his site. The images are beautiful.

Happy Birthday Aron! Thanks so much for entertaining us and lifting our spirits on Deep Space Nine.

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