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Star Trek: The Exhibition To Decloak In Louisville, Kentucky. Romulans Order Mint Juleps.

Star Trek: The Exhibition To Decloak In Louisville, Kentucky.  Romulans Order Mint Juleps.

Cancel your trip to Risa! The traveling Star Trek: The Exhibition show is headed east; Louisville Kentucky, in fact, and you don’t want to miss it.

Opening on January 23rd, the tickets are on sale now for the exhibition that features sets, costumes, priceless museum pieces and props from all five Star Trek television series and 11 Star Trek feature films.

Visitors can sit in Captain Kirk’s chair from the Enterprise, featured in Star Trek: The Original Series. The object-based exhibition is divided into topic galleries emphasizing themes of science that the creators of Star Trek explored on screen.

Themes include:

Exploration - presenting a timeline of the Star Trek story, and including original models, costumes and props.

Health Innovation - featuring a reproduced Starfleet medical center from Star Trek: The Next Generation, with patient beds, medical equipment, props and costumes used by actors on the shows. Authentic objects from Star Trek on display include Crusher’s Costume (from Star Trek: The Next Generation), a Tri-Corder and a HypoSpray.

Communication - featuring a reproduction of the Transporter Room that can be explored and stood upon. Actual objects from Star Trek include a Communicator, costumes, and the earpiece often used on the bridge.

Space Travel - featuring actual set pieces from Star Trek: The Next Generation and authentic Star Trek artifacts including costumes and Federation, Vulcan and Klingon ship models.

WHEN: January 23 – May 22, 2011 Hours: 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; 9:30a.m. to 9p.m. Friday and Saturday

WHERE: Louisville Science Center, 727 West Main Street

TICKETS: On sale beginning December 1, 2010, online at or by calling (502) 561- 6100, ext. 6111. Tickets may also be purchased on-site during regular business hours.

Gallery Pass, which includes the Science Center’s permanent exhibits and Star Trek: The Exhibition: $18 for adults 13 and up, $14 for children 2 to 12 Entrance to the Exhibition is every half hour, starting at 9:30 a.m. daily.

Special pricing for Science Center members, groups and schools.

VOLUNTEERS: For information, visit /volunteer or call (502) 560-7143

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