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Austin Comic-con Post Convention Wrap-Up

Austin Comic-con Post Convention Wrap Up

Wizard World’s first Austin Comic Con is in our past, but not forgotten. We were so excited to have a con in our own backyard finally. Going home each night (instead of a hotel room) after live blogging a convention is a treat. There was so much to see and so many interesting Q&A’s to listen to. Tons of artists, as you would expect, but quite a few celebrities were in attendance too. Here at Subspace Communique (no surprise) we were most excited about seeing Walter Koenig. He was so gracious that he took some time to do an interview with us. We’ll be posting that in our Life After Trek series ASAP! For now, here’s some video of his Q&A panel.

Listen to Walter Koenig on "Life After Trek" recorded at Austin Comic Con

Here are pictures from the floor and various panels including Walter Koenig, Billy Dee Williams, Ray Park, Lou Ferrigno & Claudia Christian

We totally can’t wait for next year’s convention… and maybe, with even more Star Trek stars in attendance *wink wink nudge nudge*.

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