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"Buck Alice and the Actor Robot" Audio Book By Star Trek's Walter Koenig Available Tomorrow

"Buck Alice and the Actor Robot" Audio Book By Star Trek's Walter Koenig Available Tomorrow

We had a blast at WizardWorld's Austin Comic-con this weekend and we even got the chance to talk with Star Trek's own Walter Koenig. During our brief interview, Walter told us about the upcoming audio drama release of "Buck Alice and the Actor Robot". Based on his book of the same name, the radio drama will be available for sale tomorrow (November 15th) through Amazon.

As an added bonus, "Buck Alice" will also be broadcast on Sirius/XM's Book Radio (XM 163) starting November 17th at 7pm EST. Running over seven weeks, the radio drama is produced by the Colonial Radio Theater with the CD / download version published by Brilliance Audio. If you miss any of the weekly shows, each episode will be available the following Saturday at 6pm EST.

Check out the brief synopsis of "Buck Alice and the Actor Robot" below

In a story that critics say “Sparkles with sophisticated wit and intelligence”, and “Will make you want to cry even as you laugh”, Koenig’s satiric-fantasy spins a wry and insightful look at human behavior after an alien invasion leaves the fate of the human race on the shoulders of a group of society’s “losers”.

Based on Koenig’s novel and dramatized by Deniz Cordell and Walter Koenig, CRT’S audio play will bring this incredible story to life with a cast of 45, a full music score, and thousands of sound effects. It will be the first time audiences have been able to “see” this story in such a vivid way. Explained producer Jerry Robbins: “When reading a book, people have a certain image of the characters, the setting, the action. The good thing about audio is that it looks just like you pictured it. Your vision is perfectly intact. This is the Theatre of the Mind – you supply the vision, we supply the sound.” (source

Also be sure to keep an eye out for our interview with Walter Koenig on the next episode of Life After Trek

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