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The Limited Edition "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" Enterprise Model, That Never Was

Limited Edition "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" Enterprise Model, That Never Was

** UPDATE ** Due to some licensing issues and out of professional courtesy to The FX Company & CBS Consumer Products, we've edited our article.  Unfortunately, this wickedly awesome Enterprise model won't be available for purchase any time soon.  

See, it even makes Deanna Troi sad.  

Check out the edited article below.

Many Trek fans have the various ships from Star Trek as the centerpiece of their Trek culture collections. We've all seen the different models from Diamond Select, Master Replicas, QMX, and even Playmates, but none seem to compare to those built by the FX Company. Deemed the largest licensed scale reproduction of the Enterprise, the ship measures 34.5 inches long and boasts a complex controllable lighting system. We actually got a chance to check out the "old gal" at the Star Trek Fan Days in Plano and can say that she is magnificent.

Modeled after the Enterprise from "Star Trek: The Motion Picture", otherwise know as "the refit", the 1/350 scale ship has a detailed VIP lounge (with crew members visible) and a botanical garden (with scale foliage). Both areas are viewable from windows on the sides of the model. To us though, the true coolness factor kicks in with the detailed shuttle bay featuring visible shuttles, travel pods, & worker bees. Of course all of these areas are lit with LED lights to showcase the detail. Speaking of lights, the model comes complete with a complex lighting system that can be seen through tiny windows in the saucer section, on the deflector dish, and warp nacelles. The lighting is controlled by a 4-function remote and powered by an 12volt AC/DC transformer. Check out the brief list of lighting features below.

- Blue LEDs for warp engine illumination
- Warm white LEDs for interiors
- White LEDs used for floodlights, markers, and navigational lights
- Fiber optic LED illumination on each side of the entry hatches
- Blinking formation lights
- Anti-collision lights flash in pulse strobe pattern
- Active deflector dish ramps up to amber glow, brightens to blue when warp engines are activated
- Firing photon torpedoes with red/white flash

It truly is a shame that this won't see the light of day.  It really would have made a nice edition to our tribble & Harry Mudd figurine collection.  

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