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Set Your DVRs To Awesome, Star Trek's George Takei on "The Big Bang Theory" Tomorrow Night

Set Your DVRs To Awesome, Star Trek's George Takei on "The Big Bang Theory" Tomorrow Night

Oooh Myyyyy! as George Takei would say, he's going to join Wil Wheaton in the ranks of "The Big Bang Theory" guest stars. The show airs tomorrow night (October 14th) at 8pm EDT / 7pm CDT on CBS and George plays "himself" or a highly exaggerated version of himself. While taking a small stab at one of his Trek co-stars, he explains "I'm playing a character named George Takei. You know, I've often done guest shots as George Takei, but, in 'Psych,' I played a puffed up, egocentric, self-centered George Takei, so I used one of my colleagues as my model for that one. But the character was named George Takei."

In a recent interview with TV Squad George goes into detail about "Big Bang" and how he was approached for the job. "Well, you know, I'm a theater buff, as is my husband Brad Altman. And we practically live in the theaters when we're in New York. (There) I saw Johnny Galecki in 'Little Dog Laughed.' So we were there in the lobby, milling around, and Bill Prady came up to me and started a conversation. And he said, "You know, we've been talking about you in our meetings with 'The Big Bang Theory,' and how would you feel about doing a guest shot on it?" It was just an intermission conversation, you know. I said, "Oh, I think it'd be great fun!" Something like that. And sure enough, I guess it was like about 5, 6 months later, the call came through."

George has also completed a recent TV pilot that's in negotiations and a new movie coming soon, "as a matter of fact, I did a pilot earlier this summer, which has sold, and as we talk, my agents are in negotiation with them. So we shall see how that turns out. I also have Tom Hanks' newest film, 'Larry Crown,' with Julia Roberts, that should be coming out in the spring. I just did some ADR's last week."

Be sure to set your DVRs or catch it first run tomorrow night. Check out "The Big Bang Theory" website here.

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