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Star Trek IV's Catherine Hicks On This Week's Scifi Diner Podcast

Star Trek IV's Catherine Hicks On This Week's Scifi Diner Podcast

Our good friends over at the SciFi Diner Podcast have just launched their latest episode including an interview with Catherine Hicks. Many of you know Catherine from her role as Dr. Gillian Taylor in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home or her role as Annie Camden on the long running "7th Heaven". She's also starred in over 45 feature films & television series. Scott & Miles had the chance to sit down with Catherine at this year's Shore Leave convention and ask about her long career in acting as well as her time on Star Trek IV. Check out an excerpt from episode show notes below.

In the Science Fiction Podcast, Miles and Scott interview Catherine Hicks, best known for her work in Star Trek: The Voyage Home, Chucky, and Seventh Heaven. They also cover news stories in the Science Fiction world, some of which include Batman 3, Star Wars in 3D, Nine Inch Nails, and a new J.J. Abrams Show. Miles brings us This Week in Star Trek with a new podcast called Life After Trek, which you just gotta check out. Scott ends with the Scifi Five in Five which covers the top five science fiction movies for non-scifi people. (source SciFi Diner Podcast)

Big thanks to Scott & Miles for the props they gave our new podcast!

Download the episode here

Read the full show notes here.

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