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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heading In Game-Form To A Browser Near You

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Heading In Game Form To A Browser Near You

We reported back in June that Gameforge, the largest independent global provider of online games, had signed a worldwide licensing deal with CBS Studios to publish free-to-play casual browser games based on the Star Trek franchise. It looks like we're one step closer to getting our Trek gaming on in Google Chrome (yeah, that's how we roll).

DS9 will be the setting for the first browser-based free-to-play game called Star Trek: Infinite Space, with two other games in the works slated for 2011. One of the games will be a facebook exclusive, untitled as of yet, and will focus on the original series.

Gameforge has enlisted award-winning developer Keen Games to lead development on Star Trek: Infinite Space.

“Bringing Keen Games on board to develop Star Trek – Infinite Space was an easy decision to make as Keen has a strong history of producing outstanding titles,” said Ralf Adam, VP of Publishing at Gameforge. “Our production team will work closely with Keen Games to bring the vision we have for Star Trek – Infinite Space to fruition.”

One footnote, it appears that Mike & Denise Okuda have signed on as consultants for the new games. This definitely gives us hope for the look and feel of upcoming titles. In our minds, Mike & Denise have been the Trek color bearers for the last several years. Don't know who Mike & Denise Okuda are? Well, my friend, turn in your Trek fan credentials... okay, we'll let it slide.  Check out their entry on Memory Alpha here & here.

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