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Star Trek TNG's LeVar Burton Is In Search Of Smart TV With Intel

Star Trek TNG's LeVar Burton Is In Search Of Smart TV With Intel

Our favorite Cheif Engineer is making his way to the Intel Developer's Forum in San Francisco again this year. Last Year, LeVar Burton opened the third day of the IDF by reminding attendees to keep dreaming.  Described as the "search for the next big thing", this year, he's working closely with Intel in a much wider role. In a marketing campaign to shed light on new TV technology, including sets with built in apps, intelligent search, & wireless technology, Levar stars in a short Youtube video and Intel invites you to follow him on twitter as he explorers the Smart TV Pavilion at IDF.

The Intel Developers Forum starts today and runs through September 15th at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco.

Check out Intel's new video starring LeVar and a brief synopsis below.

Follow LeVar @ IDF, where he's exploring our Smart TV Pavilion and catching the latest tech news from IDF. Smart TV is the mind-blowing combination of television, the Internet, gaming apps, your social networks, etc, all into a personalized experience full of interactive applications and rich, social expeiences. Think apps for your TV, or catching the next big game w/ your social networks. (source Intel's Inside Scoop)

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