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Mondo Tees "Star Trek: First Contact" Borg Queen Poster On Sale Thursday

Mondo Tees "Star Trek: First Contact" Borg Queen Poster On Sale Thursday

Mondo Tees, purveyor of all things rad and poster-y have just announced the next edition of their Star Trek poster series. This time, the poster gets assimilated. We've covered both of the previous releases from Mondo, including the Khan-a-licious (spell check wanted to change that to Khan-a-vicious, which works too) and the striking "Trouble with Tribbles" poster (check out our live coverage of the release here). For their brand spanking new release, artisit Ken Taylor designed a beautiful 24 x 36 poster for a Trek fan favorite, "Star Trek: First Contact".

The posters go on sale Thursday at an undisclosed time. If they sell anything like the last two have, you better have your finger poised on the mouse button to buy as soon as they're released. Since Mondo Tees is local for us, We'll probably be heading down there sometime on Thursday to grab ours.  I also guess, we'll only be buying one, they're limited to 1 per household.  Hmmm.....

Here are the deets from the Mondo site:

First Contact
Poster by Ken Taylor. 24"x36" screen print.
Hand numbered. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Edition of 210.

Limit 1 per household.

$45.00 - Available 9/2/2010 at a random time.

Visit the Mondo Tees website here.

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