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"I had a ball" Says Scott Bakula About Star Trek: Enterprise

" I had a ball" Says Scott Bakula On Star Trek: Enterprise

Growing up on "Quantum Leap", we were super excited to hear the news that Scott Bakula would be playing the next captain in Star Trek: Enterprise, back in 2001. The show was slightly different from past Star Trek series, but Scott and the rest of the cast surely didn't disappoint. Enterprise can often be a dividing line among Trek fans. Wait, I take that back, other than TNG and The Original Series, just about everything in Trek can be a dividing line among fans. Anyway, we loved Enterprise and were surely sad to see it go in 2005. Apparently Scott was sad to see it go as well. According to a interview Scott thinks that Archer could have grown up and lightened up a bit in the fifth season and that the series finale was a bit "odd". We completely agree with you Scott. Although, Archer was still The Man, even if he could have smiled a little more. Check out an excerpt from the interview below.

Five years on, how do you look back on Enterprise?

Oh, it was a fantastic experience. I had a ball. We had some fantastically talented people on all sides of the camera. We had great actors, tremendously creative effects people and set people and makeup people and… It was fantastic. You were working with some of the most talented people and groundbreakers in the industry, and I got to do it for four years.

A lot of people were not satisfied with the Enterprise finale, which pretty much wrapped everything and everyone into a Next Generation holodeck sequence. What was your reaction to it?

I have to say that when I first read the script I was off-put by it. I had a long talk with Rick (Berman) and Brannon (Braga) about it and they explained their idea and philosophy to me. I don’t know that I ever… Gosh, the end of anything is always hard to write. It was a little odd, but that was their call.

What went incomplete so far as Captain Archer?

Things were dictated by the times, by it being post-9/11, but I wanted us to hopefully get back to having a little bit more fun on the show and to get out of that whole Xindi thing. That would have been fun. I think we were pointing in that direction. I think the group was ready to go. The cast was ready to get there, and I think we could have had a blast. But we just didn’t get to go there. And I wanted Archer to kind of grow up and lighten up a little bit.

J.J. Abrams phones you and says, “Hey, we’ve come up with a great way to get Archer into the next movie. Are you interested?” What would you say, yes or no?


Man, that's the right answer. If J.J. calls, you say yes. We love Scott's candor. Check out the full interview here.

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