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Happy Birthday To The Great Bird Of The Galaxy; Gene Roddenberry

Happy Birthday To The Great Bird Of The Galaxy; Gene Roddenberry

Eugene Wesley Roddenberry was born August 19th 1921 in El Paso, Texas. Today would have been Gene's 89th birthday and to celebrate the life of this extraordinary man, we bring you a special Youtube Video Round-up: The Gene Roddenberry Edition. Gene wore many different hats over the years, writer, director, producer, husband, father, friend, and as most would agree; visionary. Gene's vision for the future was that of hope in mankind and the hope for a better tomorrow. It has played out on televisions screens all over the world starting on September 8th, 1966 through to today. So, to celebrate the life & legacy of the Great Bird of the Galaxy, we've scoured the halls of Youtube to find the very best of Gene Roddenberry. Enjoy.

What better way to start of this special Youtube Video Round-up than with a very special introduction to the original Star Trek pilot "The Cage" by Gene, himself

Here are a few scenes from Gene's start in Television. This rare footage from "The Lieutenant" includes a few Trek star & guest star faces. Besides Gary Lockwood, can you name a few?.

Here's an interview from 1986 with Joan London from ABC's "Good Morning America". It's a super interesting interview. Unfortunately, there's a small lip sync problem, but completely worth a watch.

From all the we've read, Gene had a great sense of humor. Here he is on "To tell the truth" in the mid 70's. Will the real Gene Roddenberry please stand up

Rod Roddenberry takes us behind the scenes at the Television Hall of Fame 2010 induction ceremony with special guests Roberto Orci & Walter Koenig.

An amazing interview with Gene Roddenberry on "Livewire" from 1982. Gene even gives the Vulcan Salute.

Rod Roddenberry gives us a tour of items recently auctioned off from the Gene & Majel Roddenberry estate. He also provides us with fantastic insight into this famous family's home life.

Gene & William Shatner Talk Trek in 1976. This rare recording was almost lost to the annals of time. Read more about it here.

And finally, the wonderful visionary of the future, The Great Bird of the Galaxy, Eugene Wesley Roddenberry leaves us with a message of hope for tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Gene.

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