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Vegas Khhaaan! 2010 Recap, The Cure For Post Convention Depression

Vegas Khhaaan! 2010 Re-cap, The Cure For Post Convention Depression

Like many of you, I’m suffering from PCD or Post Convention Depression. We had an absolute blast getting to meet all of you and it’s especially cool that we can now call you friends. Not only did we get to hang with our fans, we also had the privilege to rock out with our buddies from Trekcast.  Darren, Jerad, Damon, David, & Alicia were in attendance. Plus John & Mary from DVD Geeks. Oh, and how could I forget all of our twitter friends and the Amazing Larry Nemecek. It was all epic!

On that note, I wanted to go through and revisit my live blog entries from Vegas Khhaaan! 2010, not only to fix the typos, but also to relive the awesome moments we got to experience with Trek stars and you, our fans. Re-reading the various blog entries and watching the awesome videos that Trekqueen clandestinely shot, helped take away a bit of the PCD sting. I’m still waiting to hear that a squad has stormed her house for recording the Khhaaan! For now we simply invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy a small recap of Vegas Khhaaaan! 2010.

Here are a few quick links to the live blog entries from Vegas Khhaaan! days one through four.

Vegas Khhaaan! Meetup, Space Quest Casino Live Coverage
Vegas Khhaaan! Live Coverage Day 1: First Contact
Vegas Khhaaan! Live Coverage Day 2: The Wrath Of Con
Vegas Khhaaan! Live Coverage Day 3: The Search For Spock
Vegas Khhaaan! Live Coverage Day 4: The Voyage Home

Check out a selection of our photos taken at Vegas Khhaaan! 2010 on our Facebook page.

Below are several videos recorded by Trekqueen, you can follow her on twitter or check out her youtube channel. Big thanks to her for being super stealthy, she shot some really cool stuff! .

The Vegas Khhaaan! 2010 wall of shame at Spacequest Casino in the Las Vegas Hilton. The Former Home of Star Trek: The Experience.

Walter Koenig explains how Khan knew Chekov

The Voyager cast takes the stage

Avery Brooks takes the stage

Avery on the piano

The Shat & his awesomeness

The Shat talks about Star Trek XI, oh, yeah, he called it wonderful

The Shat; Spock VS. Khan yell

Patrick Stewart Comes out on stage with Shatner

Epic encounter, Shatner, Nimoy, & Stewart on stage, together!

Jonathan Frakes takes the stage.

Jonathan Frakes humors the stupid "beets" kid

Sir Patrick Stewart takes the stage

Sir Patrick talks about David Tennant

Sir Patrick talks about looking good

Brent Spiner sneaks in

Sir Patrick returns, in-kind

Brent does a spot-on Patrick Stewart impersonation

Brent & Patrick on stage together

Micheal Dorn, faux pummels Patrick Stewart

And... Finally, a video of our own. The Amazing Larry Nemecek & Televixen from DVD Geeks asks the last question in the Spacequest trivia contest

We hope you've enjoyed this fond look-back at Vegas Khhaaan! 2010. It's been our pleasure to bring it to you. So, here's to Vegas Khhaaan! 2011 and all who sail in her. We hope to you see you all really soon.

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