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Mondo Tees Limited Edition "Trouble With Tribbles Poster" On-sale Friday

Mondo Tees Limited Edition "Trouble With Tribbles Poster" On-sale Friday

Last month, Mondo Tees wildly popular "Space Seed" limited edition poster solid out in less than an hour and started a Trek culture sensation.  This month, they're releasing not one, but two special edition prints for fan favorite TOS episode "The Trouble With Tribbles".  

Set for release this Friday, the posters feature a progression of both Spock & Uhura slowly being enveloped by the furry little creatures.  Designed by Olly Moss, the screen printed 18" x 24" posters are limited to 350 for Spock & 190 for Uhura.

Justin Ishmael of Mondo Tees explained to Wired why he chose tribbles for their next release,. “We decided to lighten things up on our second release. Even though tribbles aren’t as sadistic as Khan, they certainly are trouble. ‘Space Seed‘ and ‘Tribbles‘ are polar opposites in terms of mood. We thought the first two releases should really play up how the original series could work on both fronts.” (source

You'll be able to get your hot Vulcan hands on these awesome prints this Friday from the Mondo Tees website.  Just make sure you're poised with your finger on the mouse because these will go fast.


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