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Wil Wheaton Hosting "Eureka" Episode At Comic-Con

Wil Wheaton Hosting "Eureka" Episode At Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is quickly approaching with enough panels & celebrity meet'n greets to choke an entire silo full of hungry tribbles.  Well, it looks like one particular TNG alum will be the host of a showing of his own "Eureka" episode.  Internet superstar & boy genius Wesley, uh, I mean Wil Wheaton is set to host the event July 23rd, the same night the episode airs on SyFy.  Yeah, we hate the name change too.  We caught wind of the event from the big man himself via twitter.  Check out the details below from the official "Eureka" Blog.

July 23rd
8:45 pm - Eureka Episode 403 Screening - Watch a new episode the same night it airs on Syfy... with hundreds of your closest friends. The ep guest-stars the fantastic Wil Wheaton, who will introduce the screening. Yeah, you heard right. Come join in the lovefest! (source Eureka Unscripted)

We won't be at Comic-Con this year because we're to busy doing sit-ups and squat-thrusts in preparation for Vegas Khhaaan!  So, if you're heading down or over or west to San Diego, be sure to tell Wil we said hey.  Oh, and ask him if he enjoyed kissing Ashley Judd.  


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