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TNG "Encounter at Farpoint" Director Corey Allen Dies At 75

TNG "Encounter at Farpoint" Director Corey Allen Dies At 75

Corey Allen, actor and prominent television director, passed away in his home on Sunday. He was 75.  Allen was most famous for the playing the teenage gang leader that dies in a knife fight with James Dean in "Rebel Without a Cause".  Allen was also an Emmy winning television director, with credits ranging from 70's cop and detective shows "Mannix" & "Police Story" to "Dallas" & "Magnum PI" in the 80's.

He was also the director of the pilot for "Star Trek: The Next Generation"; "Encounter at Fairpoint" plus "Home Soil", "Final Mission", "The Game", and "Journey's End".  Allen went on to direct four "Deep Space Nine" episodes; "Captive Pursuit", "The Circle", "Paradise", and "The Maquis: Part 2".  

According to the LA Times, Allen died at his home in Hollywood on Sunday, two days before his 76th birthday, said family spokesman Mickey Cottrell. The specific cause was not given.

Allen had Parkinson's disease for the last two decades, Cottrell said, but he remained active directing plays until a few years ago.

He is survived by his daughter, Robin Duncan; his brother, Steve Cohen; four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held July 18. 

(info source LA Times)


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