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Limited Edition "Space Seed" Poster Sells Out In Record Time

Limited Edition "Space Seed" Poster Sells Out In Record Time

We were literally kicking ourselves earlier for missing this, but apparently Mondo Tees has acquired carte blanche rights from CBS to create whatever merch they want within the Trek universe.  Their first release (which we didn't find out about until earlier today) is an amazing poster designed by renowned illustrator Martin Ansin.  On sale today, the limited edition poster (300 prints + 35 special edition wood variants) celebrates one of the most popular TOS episodes and villians, "Space Seed" & Khan Noonien Singh.  

"Instead of doing WRATH OF KHAN right off, we decided to do a poster for his first appearance, SPACE SEED. WRATH OF KHAN will show up eventually, but we had to plant some roots. This will be an ongoing series in partnership with CBS. The most exciting thing about this partnership is that they have given us the keys to the kingdom. We can do LITERALLY ANY Trek property. That means the original series, the movies, TNG, the J. J. Abrams version and even the cartoon if we wanted to. Our goal is to do one a month and leave everyone guessing at what’s coming next. Next months entry will drive people NUTS and if everything goes right, we’ll be selling a variant at San Diego Comic Con."

We cried a little when we found out about the limited edition poster and that it sold out this afternoon in a little over an hour.  However, we completely lucked out and realized that Mondo Tees is a local shop for us here in Austin.  So, after a quick internet search we found the address, jumped in the runabout and headed down south at warp factor 9.  Long story short, we got our hands on one of these amazing limited edition prints.  If you're in the Austin area, be sure to make your way to Mondo Tees and grab a print before they're all gone.  

If you did miss out, don't fret.  This is apparently just the first in a series of super cool Trek stuff from Mondo.

Mondo Tees
1120 South Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX. 78704

Check out more info about the limited edition prints below.

CBS has literally given us the keys to the TREK kingdom and we have free reign to do what we like with the world Gene Roddenberry created over 40 years ago. We felt that the first poster in the series had to feature one of the coolest villains ever to grace the TV or silver screen, Khan, played by the late Ricardo Montalban. We asked Martin Ansin to design the first poster and we think this is truly one of his best:

Poster by Martin Ansin. 24 x 36  screen print w/ metallic ink. Hand numbered. Printed by D&L Screen Printing. Edition of 300.

Martin put a lot of time and energy into this print and we asked him to give a little insight into what he was thinking as he designed the poster:

“I wanted the poster to work in a rational way, almost like a chart; many bits of information are shown as graphic elements…

In there you may find several references to the Space Seed episode: modified DNA, a shadowy hand that could take over the globe, the universe or just a small planet (spoiler!), some data sets, and even Castor and Pollux (the Gemini constellation), a tip by Prof. Rob Jones; as the original writers meant for Khan to be a reflection of Kirk, like Castor and Pollux, they too are connected through their attributes as leaders.”

We also have a very special wood variant for sale with only 35 copies made. (source via Slashfilm)


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