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Youtube Video Round-up: Patrick Stewart Edition

Youtube Video Round-up: Patrick Stewart Edition

He's discovered new worlds and new civilizations. He's boldly gone where none of us have gone before. He's explored the final frontier. All while having to pull down his uniform and gaining his own named maneuver in the process. That's right, you've guessed it. We're talking about the Captain of the federation flagship. Our dear Captain Jean-Luc Picard. More importantly we're talking about the man who brought him to life. The amazingly talented and versatile actor Sir Patrick Stewart.

It's time once again for the crowd pleasing Youtube Video Round-up: Patrick Stewart Edition (imagine that with some sweet echo effect). We've scoured the interwebs, well youtube anyway, for the very best and freshly cut Patrick Stewart videos. And, boy, have we found some winners. Our dear Captain talks about everything from losing his hair to his first taste of Hollywood and performing for Sir Laurence Olivier. Sit back, relax, and enjoy what the Captain of our favorite starship has to offer.

Patrick Stewart on his introduction to Hollywood

Patrick Stewart & an Englishman's fourth of July

Patrick Stewart has never tweeted, but he loves his iPhone

One of our very favorites, Patrick Stewart on Top Gear (part 1)

(part 2)

Patrick Stewart & how baldness is awesome in the 24th century

Patrick Stewart discusses playing Enobarbus, 1973 vs 1978

And finally, to round out this festive occasion, Patrick Stewart helps The Count.

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