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Diamond Select TOS Geological Tricorder Sneak Peek

Diamond Select TOS Geological Tricorder Sneak Peek

Diamond Select is known for it's star trek replicas, ranging from ships to props and everything in between.  For all of you TOS fans who love to collect the various phasers, communicators, and tricorders, they have a brand new tricorder in the works.  Much like the earlier released medical and science tricorders, Diamond is releasing a specialized geological tricorder.  The new replica will include two opening compartments and removable vials of mineral samples.

From all indications, the tricorder will be available in July and will run $44.99.  However, we haven't found any promise that the mineral samples are safe for use with a transporter.  Remember this thing?

Evil Cocker Unicorn Spaniel

Check out the description from Entertainment Earth below.

The Star Trek Original Series Geological Tricorder is what you need to get your science down. Following the runaway success of the classic-era phaser and communicator, you can now boldly go where no man has gone before with this authentic tricorder replica! Based on the 23rd-century design seen in the original Star Trek television series, the remarkably detailed electronic instrument features silver highlights over a black finish, plus light and sound effects taken from the watershed TV show. It's perfect for your next away mission! Window-box packaging.

This Tricorder includes 6 electronic phrases from the Enterprise's computer systems that you won't find anywhere else! They include:
"Standing By"
"Computer Affirmative"
"Computer Data Received"
Library Computer sounds
"Computer Accomplished"

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