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Star Trek: The Exhibition's Next Stop? Sacramento.

Star Trek: The Exhibition's Next Stop? Sacramento.

From it's original incarnation, Star Trek: The Tour, Star Trek: The Exhibition has been all over the U.S. in the 2 years.  From Hollywood to Philadelphia and several points in-between, Trek fans have been able to see and enjoy artifacts from all of the series and feature films.  Starting May 28th at the Aerospace Museum of California in Sacramento, Trek fans will be able to check out a full scale bridge mock up of the original Enterpise and other various pieces of Trek history. 

Here's an idea, a Warp 11 / No Kill I battle of the bands to launch the exhibition.  Nothing says Trek and Sacramento like a drunken Mugato or hard drinkin' Lincoln.  We would make a special trip to see that.

“It is definitely a niche crowd,” said Roqua Montez, spokesman for The Tech Museum of Innovation. So far, the show has sold 70,000 tickets, and “we look at that as 70,000 people who otherwise might not have come to the Tech.”

And it is an interesting crowd, Montez said. Some show up in costume, and one couple is going to renew their wedding vows in costume in the museum on the exhibit’s last day there.

“We had NASA. We’ve had Mars exhibits and the Apollo exhibit, so ‘Star Trek’ fits in with that,” said Roxanne Yonn, executive director of the Aerospace Museum. “Anytime you can get a hook to get kids interested in science, that’s what we’re looking for.”

“Anytime you can create or get world-class exhibits, you will draw fans and you will draw the curious,” said Mike Testa, spokesman with the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau.  (source Sacramento Business Journal)

For more information, check the Star Trek: The Exhibition website here.

Also, check the Aerospace Museum of California's website here.

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