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Subspace Communique Turns 1 Today - Thanks To Our Readers For Making It All Possible!

Subspace Communique Turns 1 Today - Thanks To Our Readers For Making It All Possible!

Subspace Communique was launched 1 year ago today.  All of this would not have been possible without YOU!  The fantastic people that frequent my site and chat via twitter and facebook.  I'm truly honored by the emails and comments I receive.  There have been so many times that I've thought about slowing down, but then a reader drops me a note and let's me know how much the site means to them.  It truly keeps us going!  All that to say, THANK YOU!  You folks are amazing.

Before I go any further, I'd like to Announce the winner of the Subspace Communique 1 year anniversary reader contest.

The winner is (dun-da-da-daaaah!) - Alex G.

Congratulations Alex you are now the pround winner of your very own mini Captain Kirk and a brood of tribbles.  Be careful, they will eat everything.

I'd also like to share some of the awesomely kind words you folks shared with us.  I edited out any personal stuff, 'cause ya know, the web isn't private.  You guys and gals rock like Spock!

"The Federation News Service had to get its start somewhere, right? You're like transparent aluminum, in a sense. And you rock. "

- Tim C.

"What first attracted me to your site was your Kindle Mod. So cool, it's like a piece of the 24th century just fell into my lap! You also have one of the best layouts for a Trek site that I've seen... and believe me... I've seen a lot! Can't wait to see what year 2 will bring us!"

- Aaron G.

"I discovered this site from the fine folks at Trek Cast. When I look for news about things Star Trek. This is the first place I come too. Particularly, since I do sci fi pod cast w/ my friend Scott, I come here to look for new things going on in Star Trek to report. I have utilized this site many times. It has been quite helpful.

So I wish you another successful year of reporting Star Trek news on this great site called Subspace Communique. "

- Miles M. (check out Miles on the SciFi Diner Podcast)

"Because you guys rock nearly as much as Star Trek itself!"

- Ben F.

"Haha, definitely your Vulcan whit (whit, as defined by Merriam Webster: the smallest part or particle imaginable)."

- Karin M.

"I visit Subspace Communique because I love Star Trek.  I have been a fan of Trek for since it first aired.  I watch, read and collect Trek as much as I can.  Subspace Communique provides me with news and entertainment involving Trek that I can't find anywhere else.  Thank You for all you do."

- Keith B.

"Why do I visit?
It is the logical thing to do.
It brings honor to my house.
It's free (how do they stay in business? I can help you set up a profit scheme).
They have the info before the Tal Shiar (Jolan Tru).
Captain Pyke is cool."

- Ben W.

"Subspace Communique is the first site I check when I log on. It helps me really connect with the greater sense of Trek community. I've found good reads great buys and new friends. besides it sure beats googling 'trek news' every 10 mins."

- Greg T.

"Subspace communique is the BEST source of trek news...its my homepage and I check it I dont know how many times a day! I love the banter, the articles, and of course, that dry Vulcan wit! Even if I dont win this competition, thanks for the opportunity to let you know how much I love the work you guys are doing, and heres to next 4 years of the mission! In the words of Captain Picard, 'Lets see whats out there.'"

- Andrew R.

Thanks everyone for the kind words.  It really does mean a ton to us.  Check out the story of Subspace Communique's origin.

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