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Subspace Communique - How It All Started

Subspace Communique - How It All Started

On this, the 1 year anniversary, I'd like to share how this site got it's start.  But first, let me thank my contributors over the last year.  You guys have done an amazing job and I'm truly honored that you took the time to make Subspace Comms that much better.

Thanks to:
David "Trivia Tribble" Kleparek
Darren Benjamin
Damon Shaw
Adam Cohen
Rob Shimer
David West
A.J. Gonzalez
Miles McLoughlin
Jerad "Hey Star Trek!" Formby

The original design for Subspace Communique was started back in the summer of 2007, as a side project that I had been contemplating for some time.  You see, I'm obviously a huge Trek fan, but in the daytime I'm also a designer and was looking for a good creative outlet.  Once the initial design was complete, my work projects started to increase to a frantic pace, leaving Subspace Comms in the dust.

Fast forward to December of 2008, I had been working for the same software company for over 8 years and the environment there was becoming tumultuous to say the least.  I started causally looking around for a new gig and found one!  It paid a significant amount more than my current job and offered a new experience all together.  I leaped... 6 weeks later, the new job let me go for really no good reason.  Come to find out, that was actually their M.O.  I had gone from one terrible work experience to another and then to nothing.

During my short tenure, I stumbled across a new podcast that was solely devoted to all things Trek.  Hosted by two dudes in Las Vegas, who actually loved Star Trek as much as I did.  I became an avid listener.

So, there I was, March 2009, unemployed in the worst economic environment and job market possible.  After a little less than a month, I finally started to pull my head out of the confusion and semi-depression of losing my job.  Looking around at a few of my designs, I ran across the Subspace Comms design again and thought, you know, I should really do something with this.  Of course, still listening to Trekcast, the show inspired me to get a move on and get my site idea going.  So, I registered the domain, installed drupal on my server and dove headlong into code.  The site came together rather quickly and I was ready to make my first post.  Yikes! What do I write about?  Well, you see freinds there was this little movie called "Star Trek" and it was getting close to a release date. For the first time in a very long time EVERYONE was talking about Star Trek.  From then on, it was a whirlwind of news and articles.  Almost a torrent of news, merchandise, videos, movie stills, and trailers.  I think Star Trek XI had more teaser trailers than most.

A week or so after I launched the site, I dropped a note to David & Darren of Trekcast detailing my plight and how their podcast inspired me to get a move on. They were kind enough to read the letter on the show and place a Subspace Comms banner on their site.  Heck, they even let me on the show!  A huge thanks to David, Darren, Alicia, Jerad, and Damon for all of their support over the last year.

So, here we are, one year later.  I have to say Subspace Comms has become so much more to me than just a website.  I've met some amazing people (several I can truly call friends) and have eperienced Trek fandom on a new and amazing level.

Here's to what the future holds for the site!

You folks have made it all possible and I hope to see ALL of you at Vegas Khan!  Oh, yeah, that's what we're calling it now.  :D

Bye Bye, Robot: Official Licensed Star Trek Fine Art