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Trekcast Returns! Episode 61 Available For Download

Trekcast Returns! Episode 61 Available For Download

Trekcast, the number one rated Star Trek podcast has made it's triumphant return.  After nearly a month off, David, Alicia, Jerad & Damon return with all the trek fun we've come to know and love.  Notice though, we are a man down.  Apparently Darren wasn't able to make it for this episode.  Hopefully he'll have a bit more free time in next week or so and will make his triumphant return.  Here's to another fantastic episode of Trekcast!

Sorry for the delay folks, but we are back with another nerd filled episode of Trekcast. In fact in episode 61 we have one less nerd (Our good friend Darren is working his newly bald head off) but we discuss the things we geek out on. Also this week is another installment of Hey Star Trek, Brandi T. and Damon Trivia. We also “try” to answer some email. I say “try” due to us being short handed this week. Enjoy and we will do our best to keep Trekcast coming as often as nerdly possible.  (source Trekcast)

Read the show notes here.

Download the episode here for ipod and here for zune.

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