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Subspace Communique Turns 1 With a Special Reader Contest

Subspace Communique Turns 1 With a Special Reader Contest

Subspace Communique is approaching it's 1 year anniversary or as we like to call it; the first year of our five year mission to bring you true Trek culture.  It's been an amazing year to be a Trek fan.  From the brand new J.J. Abram's "Star Trek" to amazing Cons and of course Star Trek Online.  We've thoroughly enjoyed bringing you, our readers, news and Trek Culture updates from around the galaxy.  Plus, how could we do it with out you, our faithful readers.

To celebrate, we're announcing a special contest.  And in-fact, the news of this contest is going out over our 1701st tweet.  If we could only get the tweet down to 47 characters we could possibly sling shot around the sun and save those pesky whales.  Oh, back to the contest, we're going to give away a Star Trek: The Trouble With Tribbles: Captain Kirk and Electronic Command Chair to one lucky reader, plus a Subspace Communique T-shirt claiming that you're Number One!

All you've got to do to enter is fill out the form here and tell us why you visit our site.  Is it our Vulcan wit? Maybe it's the fact that we've met Bobby Adams?  Whatever it is, let us know.  We'll be drawing one lucky winner from all the entries 1 month from today (April 4th, 2010), our 1 year anniversary.

Subspace Communique is all about bringing cool stuff to Trek fans and here's to doing that for another 4 years and beyond!  Thanks for making that possible!

Wnner announced here.

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