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Roger Nygard & Daryl Frazetti At The Next Spirit of Star Trek

Roger Nygard & Daryl Frazetti At The Next Spirit of Star Trek

The Spirit of Star Trek is a monthly educational series exploring the spiritual, philosophical, moral and ethical implications of Star Trek, held at the First Presbyterian Church, Encino. The series is co-hosted by Academy Award-winning makeup artist Michael Westmore and Rev. Curtis Webster. Each month, they screen an episode from one of the five Star Trek series and then discuss the episode with a special guest (or guests) associated with the episode.

Guests have included; Armin Shimerman, Robert Picardo, Chase Masterson, and this months session features Roger Nygard (director of Trekkies & Trekkies 2) and Daryl Frazetti (Anthropolgy Professor & Trekkies / Trekkies 2 star). Roger and Daryl will be on hand February 28 to screen portions of both documentaries and then to dig into the whys and the wherefores of our collective devotion to the Trek narrative.

When asked about the how attends and the motive behind the Spirit of Star Trek, Rev Webster Says  "We have had people as guests from virtually anywhere on the spectrum in terms of faith: atheists, agnostics, Jews, Christians or whatever, My point never is to be pushing anything. My point is to talk about the spiritual and ethical implications of the episode."

"When you're a pastor, you're supposed to look for that thing you can do that nobody else can do. It took me awhile, and I'm sure that there's somebody else who could do it. But it's a unique kind of ministry, it's a unique way to be relating to the world." Webster Adds.

For more information and dates / directions, check the Spirit of Star Trek Website here.

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