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Wil Wheaton To Return As Sheldon's Nemesis In "The Big Bang Theory"

Wil Wheaton To Return As Sheldon's Nemesis In "Big Bang Theory"

Wil Wheaton has been in the news quite a bit lately, from his fantastic "Memories of the Future" to his Star Trek XI voice over work.  Now, young Wesley is returning as an alter ego version of himself (and Sheldon's nemesis) in the CBS hit comedy "TheBig Bang Theory".

According to Wil; "I've known this was a possibility for just over a week, (coincidentally, I found out the day after I did my Big Bang Theory Q&A post) but didn't get the official offer until this morning. After my manager called casting back and confirmed, I called Bill to thank him for bringing me back. He sort of chuckled, and asked me if I wanted to know what their plan for the episode was before I accepted the offer to come back. I told him, You could have me do nothing more than eat Chapstick the entire episode, and I'd come work for you again, because I had so much fun last time."

The Big Bang Theory's Executive Producer and Co Creator Bill Prady was gushing to TV Guide about Wil “We were very excited when Wil Wheaton appeared as Sheldon’s nemesis, and right now we’re looking to see if he can come back to give Sheldon an opportunity to settle the score,”

It's a virtual lovefest.  Of course, Wil did rock out with his spock out the last time he played Big Bang.

The episode will tape March 2nd and we'll keep you informed as to when the episode will air.

(quote sources Wil's blog and TV Guide)

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