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Jonathan Frakes Directing A Brand New "V" Episode

Jonathan Frakes Directing A Brand New "V" Episode

Our favorite bearded first officer is busting out his bull horn again and is directing a brand new episode of the scifi series "V".  Frakes, who has become quite the director over the years, is set to direct episode 1.06 of the series.  The episode is actually in production as we speak.  Starting Tuesday the 16th and scheduled to conclude on the 25th, the episode introduces a new character named John May.

Frakes is know for directing several episodes of TNG and even directing the most successful Next Gen movies, "First Contact".  He's also made quite a career directing other television series including; "NCIS", "Castle", "Dollhouse", "Leverage" (with Star Trek alum Jeri Ryan), and "Roswell".  Just to name a few.

Now, we haven't watched the rebooted "V", but we hear it's pretty good.  For us though, there's just not enough Mark Singer.

Be sure to check out the episode when it airs, Tuesday April 6th, 2010, on ABC.

(info Source V Files)

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